It's time to take your life

under control

Break your habit without

drugs or chemicals

Make the first step to

heal your life

Lifestyle Hypnosis & Hypnocoaching

You have been practicing self-hypnosis for a lifetime and now you will learn to stop the old beliefs and habits, creating a new healthier, happier lifestyle. This is not a quick fix. So get ready to change your lifestyle and maintain all your results!!

Hypnosis – Used Around the World

Hypnosis is used all around the world and in every way! It can help with many challenges like phobias, fears, anxiety, weight loss, sleep disorders, negative thinking, depression, stress, post-trauma anxiety, grief, loss, pain control, pregnancy, child birth, infertility, and bad habits like over eating, smoking, drug use, and anything going on within the mind & body.

Want to know more about Hypnosis?

I offer a gift to you of a free 60 min Breakthrough HypnoCoaching Consult. Feeling uncertain, skeptical, or absolutely doubting? Have you had hypnosis done before and it didn't work? Definitely, call and get clear, every single person practices self-hypnosis. In how we practice telling ourselves things and the "proof" we use happens daily! Get the correct info with no pressure. Even if we don't seem to be a good fit, you will feel better and have many tools to use. Guaranteed.

Do you know someone struggling with anxiety, fears, depression, crippling self-doubt, or other issues of concern? Do you know the signs? Lack of sleep, emotional eating, social avoidance, relational conflicts,  always tired, just to name a few.

Or maybe you know someone who is doing amazing in many areas of their life but there's the ONE THING driving them nuts and limiting them.?

I'm here to help. Give them my info for a free 30-45min consult/breakthrough session. If they are fearful share their contact info with me and I can reach out to them too. (After they agree for me to call of course). Thanks for being that voice for your family or friend