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Orlando Faith Based Hypnotherapy

I SPENT 20 YEARS BELIEVING HYPNOSIS WAS EVIL AND MIND CONTROL AND WOULD OPEN ME UP TO SPIRITS… I see this now as a heart break as I have also spent those years in therapy, coaching, classes, training you name it to try to learn or teach myself how to rid my mind of the burden of anxiety and fear that plagued me.  20 years? Finally, I got to a place where I prayed, “God please be with me and if this is not of you please protect me and help me to know this is not of you.”

Not only was God with me, I found out HYPNOSIS IS A MAGNIFICENT WAY TO HELP HEAL! My anxiety and fear is so mild now and I can easily see it as excitement to take things on in life instead of a paralyzing fear and unending self- doubt of all I had accomplished. I now know hypnosis is all self hypnosis and of course I only work with someone I can trust and I share the same thing with my clients.  They either gets to a place where they trust me or I refer them to someone I know they would feel more comfortable.


Faith Based Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis can’t really help me quit smoking or lose weight for long can it? The great thing about hypnotherapy is it allows you to understand and work on letting go of some old beliefs and habits you have been hanging on too for years, possibly your whole life.  Much of our habits were learned form being taught or just by mimicking adults.  Hypnosis is dynamic for lasting long-term results for quitting ANY poor habit or addiction.

Using hypnotherapy can help you let go of old beliefs that cause self-judgment and pain.  Once that pain is relieved so are the beliefs and habits.  It sounds simple and although it is; IT WILL TAKE COMMITMENT.  Hypnosis is client-centered, so honesty and a desire to change is a MUST.

Although many of my clients say the work we do together helps them more than the years of therapy they went to and its so much easier and natural.  As someone who learned about hypnosis first as being a client, I must agree.  I was one of the tougher clients who needed more time and patience with self-hypnosis.  That said, you invest the time and commitment…

Faith Based Hypnotherapy
Faith Based Hypnotherapy

YOU WILL LEARN how to empower yourself to live the life you want to live. I can guide and teach you but you do the practice and you commit to choose see from a new perspective. To share your gifts and not die with them still in you, a life left regretful and wanting.

Instead, finally allowing yourself to see you are a wonderful creation and created to be a creator of love, success, connection, and so much more in this world!

The recovery rates clearly point out—Hypnosis is more effective and works quicker than traditional talk-therapy or psychoanalysis because you are more relaxed, less resistant to the pain of the past emotions.  You are clearer minded because you are relaxed.  This allows you to be more receptive to the idea of how wonderful you are, how you can let go of negative beliefs you have been carrying and you can more effectively process the emotions linked to the experiences, which created pain, fear, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, humiliation and low self-esteem.

5 Step Faith Based Hypnotherapy Program

$325 per session (4-5 Sessions)

5 Step Program – 4-5 sessions recommended
$1200- $1500 per package for Prepaid
Pricing options can be discussed

Discounted from $325 per session ($1300-1625 per package)
Competitors charge between $375-$500 per session
  • 4 Service for the Price of One! Solid Personal Development Building in all areas of your life through Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Hands-On Practice with Coaching, Educational/Supportive follow-up & Progress Tracking Resources.
  • *This 5 Step Program is not a one shot deal where you’re feeling back to the “same” in a few weeks or months.  Instead, with my 5 Step Program you and I will work together as a team as you go through wonderful steps of shutting down old limiting beliefs, emotions or habits that have cost you your livelihood, your health, your joy, and many more things that you know better than anyone.  You now get to learn how to be free of them at the subconscious level where you have held them.
  • We will do this easily as you relax and you follow suggestions of visualization techniques using the information you have shared on what your life has been missing and what you know. Also view the previous page for any concerns you have about hypnosis or contact me and we can discuss.  Using these visualizations we will be able to assess what beliefs are holding you back and you will learn how to release them and incorporate new visualizations, habits, and transform your old way into success in this area long term!
  • You have found a way to change your life. Don't wait anymore. Call or set an appointment. Your first hour is free, no obligation, all your questions get answered, every step is customized to you to meet all your needs, making sure your experience is completely professional, effective and confidential.  You will feel amazed at all you learn about yourself, hypnotherapy, and will see what a great adventure you have begun.
  • Bring pen and paper to your initial consultation.  The consult session will last about 30min-1hr depending on your situation.
  • Your 1st session can begin after the consultation is over ONLY if time allows.  Please be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for at least 1 hour* while we are on the phone, Skype, or Face-time.  This is your time for changes and you deserve it.

*It may run over depending on your needs. Planning for 90 min is best as this also allows time for you to reflect on what you have experienced.