Tammy Workman

One of the most compassionate, relatable therapists in Orlando

"My mission is to keep families together by having individuals take on their lives in ways they've only
dreamed! "

Do you know someone struggling with anxiety, fears, depression, crippling self-doubt, or other issues of concern? Do you know the signs? Lack of sleep, emotional eating, social avoidance, relational conflicts,  always tired, just to name a few.

Or maybe you know someone who is doing amazing in many areas of their life but there's the ONE THING driving them nuts and limiting them?

I'm here to help. Give them my info for a free 30-45 min consult or breakthrough session. If they are fearful share their contact info with me and I can reach out to them too. (After they know I'm going to call of course). Thanks for being that voice for your family or friend.


My Ideal Clients is a person struggling with stress, anxiety, grief, depression, negative habits and their results.  They are 21 to 70 and willing to be coachable and know they are creating a new lifestyle not just an event.  My ideal client wants to move past their struggle to the life they can almost touch;

  •         They often have troubles communicating in relationships at home and work because setting boundaries and asking for what they want has been secondary.
  •         They are dying to live and terrified they are doing it all wrong and will be rejected and fear they will end up alone.
  •         Afraid to admit they are doing a good job as a parent or spouse instead knowing where they are failing and not good enough.
  •         Afraid to set boundaries for fear of rejection, afraid to say no.
  •         They try to control everything and yet feel like everything is falling apart; having no idea the only things they can control are their, thoughts, emotions, and actions/habit
  •         They have no idea how to understand their own emotions so they avoid them with various bad habits like emotional eating, unhealthy relationships, self-denial,  addictions, etc when what is really needed is support to reach their desires.

I also have another type of ideal client who has grown through much of what I mentioned but they are just stick in one main area of their life and can’t seem to figure out why and it’s driving them deeper into the problem.

I will meet you half way financially so your care is affordable for your budget!