• Tammy Workman-Lopez

How NutraMetrix Takes Care of Your Family


These are the NutraMetrix links for helping your body feel better with your digestion, stress and inflammation relief and a lot more!: Below is the info I pulled together based on how they help create better body function, more energy, and less stress physically. They are Isotonic; crystallized powder form and the same pressure as body fluids, so they absorb 90%+ quick and easy and covering all your basic needs to stabilize and balance your body. (Most others are pills and absorb only 20%-/pharmacy grade absorbs 50%-, again amazing to me!)

Click the link and when you scroll down you can see the bottle label, description of contents in detail, and clinical studies that show the proof of what the products say they do:

Daily Essentials (DE): Includes Activated Bs, Calcium, Multivitamin w/Iron (or without) & OPC3.

Complete Greens - This gives you the amount of vegetables, nutrients, probiotics, enzymes, and phytonutrients your body needs, a healthy digestive tract releasing bloat and constipation, and can be taken in isotonic or pill form depending on your preference.

Probiotics: 10 billion active Colony Forming Units (CFUs), 10 scientifically chosen probiotic strains, BIO-tract & LiveBac technology, maintains optimal bacterial balance, promotes a strong immune system, bowel regularity, stomach comfort, healthy: teeth, vaginal flora, vaginal pH, urinary tract, resistance to yeast, and upper digestive tract.

TLS 21-Day Challenge Kit - Weight & Health Program is an easy-to-follow, cost-effective, all-inclusive kit that promotes optimal body composition and addresses the essentials of effective weight loss. Offers coaching, personal guidance & feedback no matter your goals; tone up, lose 5-20 lbs. In 21 days, jumpstart a longer weight loss journey, you decide your goal! Learn more

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